Studying in Uganda

Uganda is a country, which is culturally rich and has always had a great connotation on the international community. It is diverse in terms of history and landscape where one can always explore the jungles as well as the natural landscape of this great country known as pearl of Africa. Aspiring students who want to study at IIHAS in this country can always find the wide varieties of courses available in several different universities across Uganda. Uganda has a dynamic and hospitable population, and has great health facilities for students’ practicum attachments. Compared to other places in the world the number of foreign students in the country is high. All health-training institutions in Uganda including IIHAS provide vibrant, creative environment, which engages students to gain their potential for world of work. The country has strived to maintain desirable standards for Health education with competent trained faculties, the highest standards of learning medical courses in Africa as well as international recognition for diploma and degree programmes in health and other disciplines.