Board of Directors

Indian Institute of Health and Allied Sciences (IIHAS) is owned by Jaipur International Ltd. It’s a privately owned training institution established to avail the opportunities that exist in the health education sector in East Africa to start with and to bridge the gap between theory and practice in that region. IIHAS seeks to provide training services in health and technical related courses to a whole range of education in Uganda in particular and east Africa in general. The Institute is promoted by Jaipur International Ltd, a limited company registered with the Registrar of companies in Kampala. IIHAS seeks recognition and accreditation to offer academic programmes in the area of health sciences, to begin with.

Generally, education systems tend to emphasize theory as compared to practical; as is evident from the discomfort of the graduates when they take up jobs. Hence IIHAS is desirous to reduce the gap between what is done and what ought to be done. IIHAS will offer Certificate, Diplomas, under Graduate and Post Graduate Degree in Health and Technical Science courses not forgetting the tailor-made capacity building courses that will depend on the students’ training needs and gaps. Our market position will be boosted after obtaining a Provisional License from National Council of Higher Education (NCHE).

This will act as a backbone where the consolidation and expansion programme will be anchored.

The members of Maharaj Vinayak Society, the parent body:

No. Name Position/Profession
1. Sh. K. L. Mina, IAS (Retd.) Chairperson
2. Dr. Vikas Jeph Managing Trustee
3. Mr. Vishal Jeph Vice Chairperson
4. Dr. Manohar Bhat President of the University
5. Mrs. Beena Devi Social Worker
6. Prof. S. D. Gupta Eminent Educationist
7. Sh. S. N. Mathur Finance Expert (Nominated by Chairperson), 
Former Chief Manager, Central Bank of India
8. Commissioner of College Education or his nominee 
not below the rank of the Dy. Secretary in the Govt.
9. Dr. Rajeev Sharma Associate Professor, Dept. of Oral Medicine & 
Radiology (Nominated by President)
10. Dr. Karamdeep Singh Associate Professor, Dept. of Orthodontics 
(Nominated by President)
11. Sh. N. N. Gupta Registrar, Member Secretary